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Stress Management: Its Benefits in the Workplace

Stress Management: Its Benefits in the Workplace

Feeling stressed at work is sometimes unavoidable, but when left unmanaged, it may lead to depression and anxiety. Studies show that depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact, with an estimated cost of $1 trillion in the global economy due to lost productivity. A highly effective means of managing stress, however, is through behavioral health services in New York.

Through our stress management services, you can ensure your staff is equipped with the necessary tools to perform well. In fact, for every $1 put into scaled up treatment for stress management and other mental health conditions, there is a return of $4 in improved health and productivity.

To learn more, here are its benefits brought to you by Pearl Behavioral Health:

  • It motivates your staff and improves productivity
    Stress is a major factor that affects employee morale and performance. It’s a demotivator that leads to frequent absenteeism and a decline in productivity. Hiring stress management services can help boost their morale and will motivate them to stay focused on their job and overall performance.
  • It reduces the chances of workplace conflicts
    Conflict can occur due to differences in opinions or when personalities clash. This heightens feelings of stress and weakens your workplace’s culture. Effective stress management can prevent such distractions and improve your staff’s conflict resolution skills.
  • It opens the lines of communication
    Through stress management services, such as telemental health services in New Jersey, it can help determine the root cause of an issue and resolve it to strengthen the communication process. The ability to discuss these issues helps open the lines of communication and prevent similar issues from resurfacing in the future.
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