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Quick Guide: 3 Key Symptoms of ADHD

Quick Guide: 3 Key Symptoms of ADHD

According to the CDC, ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental problems that occur in a person and it starts during childhood. ADHD can last into adulthood. It is characterized by difficulty in staying focused and controlling aggressive behaviors, which disrupt normal activities.

As your trusted partner in receiving behavioral health services in New York, let us provide you with this quick guide on how you can spot ADHD in your child. There are three key symptoms:

  1. Difficulty Playing Attention
    Do you notice your child having a hard time paying attention to you? They don’t seem to listen to what you said. When they are doing something, they can easily get distracted. They have inability to finish their tasks or even follow instructions. They are forgetful with things and stay away from activities that require a lot of thinking. If you want to make sure about your child’s inattention problems, you can consult with our doctors providing telemental health services in New Jersey.
  2. Hyperactivity and Restlessness
    A child with ADHD also manifests constant movement as though they are motorized equipment. They cannot stay seated for a long time and frequently squirm or fidget. They also tend to talk too much and run around when they are not allowed to do so.
  3. Impulsivity or Impulsiveness
    ADHD also causes a child to act and speak without even thinking about what they are doing. They have difficulty maintaining their turn and are at risk of running into the street without paying attention to traffic. They also interrupt other people very frequently and answer questions even before these are completed.

When you observe that your child is manifesting these signs, consult with a doctor immediately. It is best for you to know sooner whether your child has ADHD or not. Take note that these behavior symptoms are common in all children. For this reason, you need the guidance of experts to fully diagnose your child.

At Pearl Behavioral Health & Medicine PLLC, you can now consult with our mental health professionals even when you’re at home. Ask us how.

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