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We at Pearl Behavioral Health & Medicine believe that everyone in need should have access to quality psychiatric care. Research has shown that the most effective treatment of behavioral health issues is a combination of medication management and psychotherapy. Our behavioral health services in New York and New Jersey are available to individuals and group contracts as well.


  • handshake conceptEmployers

    The #1 cause of lost productivity is depression. Our plans offer a great addition to your employee health plans. We help employers keep their staff happy and productive in a cost-effective way.

  • woman consulting her therapistMedical Practices

    Finally, a place to refer your patients to for the full suite of behavioral health services.

  • woman consulting her therapistNursing Homes, Group Homes

    To help address and solve the behavioral, mental, and emotional needs of residents, we partner with Group Homes and Nursing Homes to provide comprehensive mental health services in-house.


  • scared woman with therapistPsychiatric Medication

    We offer comprehensive psychiatric diagnostic and treatment services. And you have access to all of them from the privacy and convenience of your home!

  • Two women talkingTalk Therapy

    Our experienced therapists are here to help you get through any life challenges. Talk to one of them today!

  • Doctor taking notesMedical Marijuana

    Get your certification within 5 business days. We take care of all the paperwork!

  • woman sittingPerinatal Psychiatry

    We are comfortable managing mental health conditions in preparation for or during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.

  • Female Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital RoomSecond Opinion

    Let us help you find your way to lasting health.

  • Mature woman's body before and after weightloss on white backgroundWeight Loss Surgery Clearance

    Same day and next day clearance on any business day.

  • Portrait of transgender womanSex ReassignmentSurgery Clearance

    Our interdisciplinary team is here to help you on your journey.

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